New Term procedure for MIS Integrations

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This article is to help sites using Assembly MIS integration prepare for the new term (typically September onwards).  If you are a site, please go to this guide

Assembly will automatically create your rooms, lessons, classes based on your timetable start and end date. If your timetable is not due to start until September BUT you need to allow bookings before the timetable is start date is effective, please follow the steps below.

When your new timetable is fully 'applied' (typically this is automated on the first day of new timetable), the Assembly MIS sync will restart and manage the lesson data. To review the status of the Assembly MIS integration, go to Administration - Academic - Assembly MIS integration. The sync logs will indicate 'Sync Paused – New term lessons currently unavailable' until the beginning of the new timetable when your data will be refreshed with the sync automatically.

Step 1 - Preparing your new term Academic Year

In SchoolBooking go to Administration - Academic - Academic Manager (you will need to skip the Assembly MIS re-direct message to access Academic Manager). Select 'Create a new Academic group'. You can choose to Amend the start and end dates if required (note: Academic Year dates must start on a Monday and end on a Sunday. You can mark dates as closures in Step 2 so it matches your School calendar)

Step 2 - Set Holiday & Closure Dates

Go to Administration – Academic, and select ‘Holidays and Closures’. You will see a calendar starting with the current month.
Change the Start Month to September 2021.
Now select the Day type and click on the dates that apply. Typically weekends should be set to Block All Bookings and Holiday weekdays are set to Holiday - Allow Bookings. Depending on how far in advance you allow your staff to book, you should only need to add these dates upto December. When the Assembly MIS sync restarts it will add all your other holiday and closure dates. When you have made your changes click ‘Save

Step 3 - Set timetable weeks

Set your timetable weeks (only applies if you have a 2 week timetable). Go to Administration - Academic - Academic Manager, and select 'Timetable Weeks' from new academic year. Then simply select the week 2 (or B) weeks as required.

Step 4 - Create an lesson import file from your MIS or pause new term bookings

You can now create a lesson import file that matches the requirements for SchoolBooking.    You will need to generate spreadsheet or csv with lesson detail. The information required by SchoolBooking for a successful import includes the following data for each lesson...


You may need to talk with your MIS support if you are not sure what to do or ask your IT team to help. It doesn’t really matter what format you have just so long as all the data for each lesson is available (often week, period, and day is contained in a single data field)

As soon as you have the lesson data, please forward to our customer services team ( ) to review and we will take care of the Academic setup for you.

Pause new term bookings
If you are unable to create a lesson import file for the new term, you can choose to temporarily disable new bookings.  This will ensure that when your new lesson data is provided by the Assembly MIS integration there will be no clashes with bookings.  If this is not an issue for you, when the sync completes for the first time with new academic year data you will receive a lesson/booking clash report.  To pause/disable bookings, go to Administration - Bookings - Bookable Times/Dates and choose 'Bookable Dates'.  Now choose 'No bookings' Daily Plan and select the future dates (see typical example below)

**It will be important to diarise a date to revisit your Bookable Dates page to open the system up for new bookings.  ie. Set your schooldays to 'Standard Weekday' **


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