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Andy Larking 04-12-2019 02:23:25 1 0

If you are using the Assembly connector with SIMS and are missing cover/closures in SchoolBooking, it is most likely due to incorrect permissions for the SIMS user in the Assembly connector (Specifically 'Cover Manager').

Checking the permissions 

  • You can check which SIMS user the Assembly Connector uses by running the Assembly Configuration tool from the start menu on the server where you installed the Connector (you should also be able to find it in C: ProgramData Assembly). 
  • You will need to click back through the configuration steps - the username will be detailed on the SIMS Credentials section of the configuration tool. 

Now Open the client and login as a user with admin access.   In SIMS go to Focus – System Manager – Manage Users, and search for the user (from above) and open the details (when searching, make sure to change Role to )

Go to Section 3. Groups.

Assembly needs the following permissions.  Some of these you will already have for this user

  • Administration Assistant
  • Class Teacher
  • Senior Management Team
  • Personnel Officer
  • Third Party Reporter
  • Assessment Operator
  • Cover Manager

Click Add on the groups section:

Once the user has been placed in the relevant groups, click Save to complete the process. 

The next sync should then provide the cover diary for SIMS (cover & closures)


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