How to Authorise the SchoolBooking App for Assembly

Andy Larking 11-12-2019 02:27:05 1 0

This article assumes you have already setup the Assembly Connector.

To Authorise the SchoolBooking App.

  •  At this point you will need to verify that the SchoolBooking App can access the designated scopes of your school’s data through a Data Access Request. You should only click Authorise App if you have authority to do so.
  •  Please check the scopes that you are authorising.
  •  We have optional scopes that are required for Parent Meeting in SchoolBooking, you will have to actively opt-in to agreeing to share this data by ticking the box next to the scope name. Even if you decide not to share this additional data, you will still be able to authorise and use the app. Once you have checked the scopes, you can authorise the app. That's it! You're done....


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