User defined groups in SIMS (use to split shared classes, or for adding appointments for staff without classes)

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The Parent Meeting solution is linked with your MIS. For SIMS the sync will update SchoolBooking with all teaching groups, associated students and the guardians. There are few situations where this data isn't quite what you need for your event, and for this we suggest you create 'User Defined Groups' in SIMS.  There are two typical reasons to do this :

- A class needs to be split so appointments can be shared for 2 or more teachers. 
- You would like parents to be able to book appointments with a member of staff who doesn't teach a class (for example a SENCo, or Headteacher)

Follow these instructions to create 'User Defined Groups' in SIMS

- In SIMS 'Focus' menu, add a new group.  Give the group a name and mark as 'Active' (Note : Include a 'Short Name')

- Set the ‘Main Supervisor’ by clicking the magnifying glass icon, then select 'Action - Add Supervisor'. This will be your teacher you want for the split class part(s). Note : ‘Supervisor Title’ must be Main Supervisor

Go to Membership section, then select 'Action - Add Student'.  When you have all the students included in the group, Save.

- Now you need to initialise a new Full Sync.  After this has completed you can create your event, and when selecting ‘classes’ use the filter to search for your ‘User defined group name’ (the short name)

To do this login to SchoolBooking and navigate to Administration - Academic - Assembly MIS Integration.  Select 'Run Full  Sync', and this will be queued, and should complete within a few hours.  Check back to this page to see 'Last Synchronised' date and time

If you are having any difficulty setting up 'User Defined Groups', please contact our customer services team or raise a support ticket. 


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