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1. Use demo data or setup sync with your MIS

When you first visit the Parents page, you have the option to create test events and parent meetings with the demo data.  To start using with your data, you first need to setup MIS integration.  See this article MIS Integration - Getting Started for instructions .

2. Review Guardian & Looked After Settings

When creating Parent Meetings and Events invitations are sent via email.  To review who receives these emails go to Administration – Events – Guardian Settings.  Note : if ‘No’ is selected the Parents will not be able to login to the external login portal at

3. Select your available locations for Events & Parent Meetings

Go to Administration – Events - Locations.  If you are using SchoolBooking for the first time your locations maybe empty.  You will need to complete the MIS sync to see your schools locations (rooms) – See step 1 or Create Locations.  You can choose which locations are available for parent meetings and events by selecting each location and changing the ‘Active Status’.  If you have to make lots of changes you can use the ‘Bulk update tool’. 

4. Create users

Go to Administration – Users – User Manager.  From here you can create new users and determine their system access.  Typically you will only have 1 or 2 Events Managers, all other 'Teacher' users should be set to 'Standard User' 

5. Create your first Parent Meeting or Event

Choose Events from the top navigation and select ‘Create Event’.  See our How to create an Parent Meeting guide here

Please contact our Customer Services Team for setup help.
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