Where are the new rooms that have been created in our MIS ? (for MIS integration sites)

Andy Larking 14-03-2018 03:53:39 0 0

If you go to Administration->Booking System->Item Manager and then click on the Rooms tabs, you'll see all 200+ rooms found in the synchronisation.

Any new rooms added by the sync will not automatically be made bookable without your say so though (otherwise you could end up with the head teacher's office being made available to everyone).


To quickest way to select which rooms are/aren't available for booking...

i) click on the Bulk Update button in the top-right corner of the Item Manager page.

ii) on the page it takes you to, click on the Go button next to the word 'Active Status'.

iii) you'll now be on a page listing all rooms/resources known to the system. Those with a green background are the ones currently bookable, those with a white background are not.

To switch between available/not available, click on the applicable rows and Save when done.

iv) the items you set with a green background will now be the ones that appear on the main booking pages.        



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