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Here are some notes to help with customisation of your welcome screen (Administration - Users - Login Screen & Registration)

Options available

Welcome Text:   Enter your own welcome message, it is displayed just above the login and registration form.

Sub Text: This is displayed just beneath the Welcome Text

Website Name: Change the link in the top right corner, this can be to your own website.

Website Address: Enter the link to your website.

Main Logo: Add your own logo to the top left of the login page

Background Image:Use this to adjust the image behind the forms.

Colours: You can adjust the foreground, background and innerform colours to fit with the style of your site.

Registration: By enabling this option your users will be able manually register their own accounts from this logon page. If you are using LDAP / SSO to authenticate uses you should switch this feature off, otherwise your users could end up with two accounts. For more information about LDAP and how to integrate your login directly into your network servers.

Registration - Auto Authorise domain: During manual registration, the user will need to verify their identity via a automated confirmation email. If their email domain (the part after the @) matches the inputted Auto authorised domain, their account will automatically become active without any further action required by an admin. If their email address domain is different, their account will be created but disabled until validated in the User Manager module by an administrator). This effectively means as long as your staff are all using a similar domain name i.e. you can auto authorise that domain to save additional admin work at the same time know that users outside of your domain will not be able to gain access. You can set up email notifications to alert admins as accounts are setup by the use of the Notifications Centre found on the Settings Area.

Registration Passcode: This stops users from registering unless they know the passcode, if this option is enabled a field will appear on the registration form requiring this passcode. This is useful if you want to use the auto authorise function but share your email domain with students.


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