Parents Meeting and events Reports with key email messages
Mark Baker 08-11-2018 10:49:16 0 0

You may find that some reports display messages instead of a users email address.

The messages are not critical to running a Parents Meeting / Event, but it does mean you will not be able to send reports to them by email.

The main messages include  :-

No email address associated with teacher

This means that SchoolBooking has found a user within user manager that matches the teacher, but they don't have an email address associated with their account. 

You can simply add an email address via user manager to resolve this issue.

Teacher does not have user account

SchoolBooking has completed a scan of your users and is unable to match the teachers details with any of your users. 

As a timetable sync completes, SchoolBooking will automatically match your the teachers from within your School timetable with your SchoolBooking user accounts. A complex algorithm  will attempt to match as many users as possible but primarily matching can be done by ensuring that the name of the SchoolBooking user account matches with a teachers name. If SchoolBooking has tried to match and is unable to you will see the "Teacher does not have user account".  

Either the teacher really does not have a user account, which can be rectified simply by adding a user account from User Manager 


If the user exists but automatic matching doesn't occur,  you can manually set by using the Teacher option from within a users account from within user manager.


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