MIS Sync not working - Troubleshooting SIMS
Andy Larking 14-03-2018 04:33:20 0 0

If you find your lesson data is incorect in SchoolBooking it is probably due to the sync not working.  There are a number of reasons why this might be (assuming it was working before).

- The SchoolBooking username and password has changed that is used in the sync (typically this is the 'admin' account. 
- SIMS update - SIMS version has been updated, but often the server/computer doesn't have the SIMS client updated.  Please check that you can login to SIMS on this server/computer
- The Zinet services have stopped on the server.  Please see these trobleshooting guides that will help you check the Zinet services are running and update instructions.

If you still having difficulty please raise a support ticket or contact our customer services team.   


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